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Government subsidies to promote the development of LED display industry

LED display industry government financial subsidies, apparently no longer a fresh vocabulary. Since 2009, subsidies for LED lighting industry, the central government has been for six consecutive years of the semiconductor and lighting industry subsidies. In the national policy and the support of various subsidies, LED display industry, especially the upstream chip industry also ushered in the development of blowout. At the same time, in recent years, local governments have introduced policies to vigorously promote the LED display industry to promote and transform the project. "With the way" policy implementation of overseas market prospects According to the latest export LED display monthly report, in April China's LED display export market size of up to $ 141 million, a record high monthly history, the continuation of the first quarter of a good momentum, showing steady growth in overseas market demand. Moreover, the expansion of overseas markets also generally boosted the performance of listed companies in the first quarter. At the same time, with the national leaders in the "one by one" international cooperation summit forum delivered a keynote speech, "one way" development strategy also led to a high degree of global attention. This move continues to advance and implement, but also to our LED display business is aware of "going out" is imperative, and is expected to usher in a new round of development of the golden period. From the overall demand level, "along the way" along the development of science and technology development level is not high, and LED display as a high-tech products and increasingly life-oriented, development space is huge. These countries are also more likely to become LED display products demand market. In the "area along the way" strategy to promote the development of China's LED display industry, a long way to go. To this end, LED display enterprises should seize the "one way" strategy of the favorable opportunity to focus on the new pattern of global economic development, grasp the new direction of China's economic cooperation, give full play to China's LED display industry competition new advantages. And, China's LED display business should also be combined with new needs at home and abroad, do a variety of planning layout. From product to technology, effective and reasonable classification of policies to promote domestic equipment, technology, standards and services "going out" to achieve from the product output to the industry to enhance the output, and thus promote the transformation of China's LED display industry optimization and upgrading. The development of industry standard planning to promote the construction of standard system In addition, the lack of industry standards has become an obstacle to the development of China's LED industry, one of the important factors. Product type models are complex, uneven quality, and LED display product packaging, logo and no corresponding national standards, industry standards and local standards, thus affecting the stability of the LED display market development. From another level, the consumer in the product selection can not distinguish between the pros and cons, but also hindered the LED display product promotion and application. The reason is mainly reflected in the first, LED display industry chain is longer, the standard to cover the whole industry chain, and consumers are more concerned about the downstream industry chain standards; Second, the LED display industry is particularly fast development, Every three to five years there will be a big change, and the standard development needs a longer period. Therefore, the LED display industry standard work has also been the attention of the relevant state departments. The National Standards Committee and the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Construction, the State Quality Inspection, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, General Administration of the relevant departments (bureaus), the overall planning of various departments, and comprehensively promote the LED display industry standard system. With the State Council, Ministry of Science and Technology, Development and Reform Commission and the local government put forward a number of industrial policies to promote the development of the entire LED display industry and industrial structure optimization and upgrading played an important role. And now, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Nanchang, Harbin and other regions already formed a research and development, production and sales of the integration of industrial chain. In the context of the strong support of industrial policy, the industrial scale is expanding day by day, the industrial chain is becoming more and more complete, which has created favorable conditions for enterprises in the industry to improve their competitive strength and participate in international competition. China is expected to emerge a group of independent intellectual property rights and Core competitiveness of the backbone enterprises. Provincial government policy promulgated to help high - tech industry research and development From November 10, 2016, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology officially released "on the organization to declare the 2016 provincial application of science and technology research and development of special funds project notice" is not difficult to see, to carry out provincial application of science and technology research and development to support special funds project declaration , Increase the financial support for innovation-driven role. Through the city of high-tech zones and high-tech enterprises to support, and thus promote the local LED display industry-led high-tech industry development. Guangdong Province, applied technology research and development of specific priority areas of support and direction, only the field of LED display, compared with 2015, 2016 has undergone great changes. For example, the focus of special funds to support the field of setting, give priority to support "with independent intellectual property rights, high technology maturity, clear industrialization prospects, as soon as possible conversion applications" projects. Priority support LED display and other high-tech industry development. LED display industry as an important part of China's high-tech industry, product technology updates and research and development has been the focus of the screen business focus and hot topics. LED display industry as a whole lack of technological innovation, product patent awareness is generally weak, so that for a long time, product homogeneity has become a serious consensus in the industry and become the burden of industry development. Therefore, only to lead the LED display innovation and other real economic transformation and upgrading, in order to continue to promote China's real economy to optimize the structure, and continuously improve the quality, efficiency and competitiveness. LED display industry by government subsidies to benefit enterprises Enze Recently, according to the Shenzhen Municipal Development and Reform Commission disclosure, 2017 annual headquarters of the economic enterprises incentives and subsidies to declare and accounting start, incentives and subsidies categories include "settled awards, contribution awards, rental office space subsidies, the purchase of office space subsidies", enterprises can Filed before June 20. Shenzhen enterprises once identified as the headquarters of the enterprise, then you can give settled 10 million yuan! The release of this news, a time caused widespread concern in the industry. This initiative aims to further enhance the major LED display enterprise product quality awareness, technological innovation and brand building capacity. To join the multi-party, and jointly cultivate the quality, technology, brand, service competitive new advantages, so that the city of Shenzhen LED display industry to speed up the transformation and upgrading of the international competitiveness of products continue to improve, and can better promote the stable development of foreign trade. And, in terms of investment, LED display products in the daily life of the universal popularity, but also inseparable from the government subsidies to promote, and subsidies may be aimed at the terminal products. Therefore, the LED display industry chain is expected to take the lead in the downstream, especially for the scale advantages, technical advantages and early intervention in the field of LED display applications. Indeed, the current China LED display industry several "heyday" experience, the middle and lower reaches in the industry boom, the profitability of the flexibility than the downstream greater. Therefore, with the LED display products are consumers take the initiative to use, some chips and integrated enterprises will also usher in more and better opportunities.

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