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Small pitch LED display continues to lead the industry development trend

I believe that the LED display industry staff on the exhibition more accustomed to, LED-related exhibitions numerous domestic and international exhibition held every year. These exhibitions attracted a large number of LED screen enterprises to actively participate in the exhibition on the new generation, people dazzling. As a display product to reflect their own brand, technical strength and performance of the platform, exhibitors have exhibited the latest and best reflect their own strength of the product, so that viewers are eye-opener, but also to a certain extent, people can See the development trend of LED display industry.
Actively participate in overseas exhibition, out of the country into a trend
Data show that 2017 US InfoComm show, exhibitors LED display business as many as 148, of which the proportion of Chinese enterprises accounted for nearly five percent. Today, such a world show, in addition to international giants, domestic large enterprises, some of the strong Chinese LED screen enterprises, also began in such an international stage cut a striking figure.
In addition, the export data show that in April this year, China's LED display product export market size of up to $ 141 million, a record high monthly record, an increase of 29.5%, growth rate last month rose 10 percentage points. This shows that China's LED display industry in the global market share rising, and the domestic screen enterprises to become the trend of overseas trend.
In fact, the current China LED display in the global strength of the powerful, has swept the world more than 80% of the LED display, and even more than 160 countries from China to purchase LED display. So the screen enterprises go out of the country has a mature system, coupled with China's "LED first big country" reputation complement each other, making the LED screen enterprises export road can be more smooth. And, in the country to vigorously carry out the "zone along the way" economic policy, driven by the relevant developing countries or will also be the domestic LED screen enterprises potential development market. In many favorable conditions, LED panel enterprises to develop overseas markets easier to achieve, but also can ease the development of the domestic market under the pressure of competition, do both.
LED display industry in the highly competitive today, LED screen enterprises more and more show at the show brand strength, the latest products to promote the brand, harvest potential customers. In this way, we also be able to spy on the industry at the show the latest development direction and market trends, which LED panel enterprise strategic deployment of a certain reference value and value. And, although the LED display market is now in the "Red Sea" stage, but in the cultural performance of the cause of prosperity, the wisdom of the city to promote the rise of small distance, and many other driven, the market "blue ocean" remains to be developed, the industry outlook is still optimistic. In this situation, LED screen enterprises should grasp the direction of market development, the corresponding adjustment of research and development, market strategy, conform to the development trend, to gain the initiative in the competition.
Differentiated to meet the diverse needs and improve product value
In this year's show, in addition to small spacing products, we can easily note that most companies in order to show their technical strength and innovation, but also introduced a number of differentiated products. For example, according to the actual situation, hidden, pulled out, or stent can be shrinking LED display, curved light bar screen, and can be directly paste, hang the use of transparent screen products. In addition, known as "fool" operation, simple splicing, climbing and maintenance can help users install, use and maintenance programs, have become many enterprises and other brand products opened the gap between the unique.
In the field of LED display more and more widely used today, its business, leasing and government units and other different places, different needs will be more prominent, more end-user groups. This also means that LED screen enterprises must meet the various needs of end users, through the use of the level of accessories to make the appropriate innovation, improve product performance, develop more features to improve the LED display is too bulky, Difficult to disassemble, operational trouble, poor flexibility and other shortcomings to reduce customer concerns and the use of obstacles to facilitate the operation. Driven by this, the future of LED display will be further in the accessories on the innovation, to promote the user experience to improve.
The current LED display market in the "Red Sea", the low-end products in the market competition is to enter the white-hot level, companies want to get rid of low-cost shackles, improve product performance, increase product gross margin is an important way. Through the micro-innovation products to meet market demand, take the road of differentiation, on the one hand to improve product value, on the other hand also help enterprises in the fierce competition to gain greater advantage to occupy a larger market share.
Small distance continue to lead, subdivided areas of attention
As this year's "explosive", small pitch products at the show can be described as hard-edged, many LED screen enterprises focus on displaying its small distance led display program. We will point away from the P2.5 and below the LED display product is defined as a small pitch display, and now the exhibition of small pitch products dot pitch in P2.0 or less, and even individual manufacturers introduced lower than P1.0 display Products, indicating that the LED display technology has entered the "ultra-small spacing" areas. More intriguing is that even enterprises that have always been known as OLEDs have also introduced a small pitch LED display, the hot and future development prospects can be seen.
In the LED display technology more and more superb today, more close to the high-definition LED display products are put into use, in addition to promoting some large points from the product replacement, but also to some extent erosion of some LCD products, large indoor Screen display market, has become the industry's emerging growth point.
In addition to small spacing products, LED transparent screen products are also very bright. This year, LED transparent screen officially entered the market, with its simple and pure, high-tech appearance, access to some high-end commercial sites, high luxury brand activities, as well as focus on the style of commercial shops favor, but also attracted a lot of LED screen enterprises to join the research and development Team.
In addition, LED rental screen, security screen, poles and other segments of the field of products has become a number of key products on display. LED display products in the increasingly mature today, LED screen enterprises in order to reduce the competitive pressure of the general use of the screen to ensure that the product profit margins, have increased the field of product investment and research and development efforts. Of course, along with the economic and cultural prosperity, and the promotion of relevant policies, the indoor large screen display, commercial display, sports screen and stage rental screen display demand in different areas is growing, LED screen enterprises intensified in such sub-areas The development of the initiative to seize the initiative, it is not unreasonable.

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