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Display light pollution hazards need to pay attention

At present, some manufacturers to pursue bright screen body, outdoor led display light flux per square meter more than 8000,10000 or 12000CD, and even layman to the level of brightness to determine the quality of the display screen is good or bad. In fact, led display playback brightness can not exceed 60% of the ambient brightness, otherwise the people's eyes will feel very dazzling, there is a strong sense of flash, the long run will affect people's eyesight, bringing the risk of skin diseases. When the "no night" more and more places, there will be more and more people to pay attention to Tucao this problem, light pollution problems must also be the next few years of hot issues.
    With the development of network and information technology, information dissemination and communication methods have undergone tremendous changes, have a far-reaching impact on people's lives, people increasingly rely on through the display terminal to access and exchange of various information. On the other hand, the display of the popularity of terminal equipment makes the elderly, young children and even child pages may become the use of groups, indicating that the impact of terminal equipment on the people to further expand.
    In recent years, a number of scholars in various countries have shown that: blue light by improving the visual cells on the sensitivity of light and photooxidation led to cell death, damage vision. Grimn and other studies have found that blue light when the retina can generate a large number of active rhodopsin, significantly improve the ability of retinal light, so the retina is sensitive to blue light. Experiments show that 441nm blue light on the strongest retinal damage. Lipofuscin is a remnant of retinal cell metabolism, which increases the sensitivity of blue light with the increase of age, and increases the sensitivity of retinal pigment epithelium to blue light.
    Small distance led display because of its unique high brightness, wide color gamut, high contrast and other advantages in many occasions by the people of all ages. At the same time, small-distance LED display on the human eye light biosafety issues have also been the people's attention, small distance led display whether there is blue eye injury situation is one of the topics of concern.
    The researchers said that China Institute of Metrology, based on the current international standards, from the retinal blue light hazards and thermal hazards in two aspects of a P1.67 small pitch LED display light biosafety was measured and selected a plasma TV And LCD TV prototype as a contrast.
    The test results show that in the same brightness and white field conditions, in the blue band, although the peak brightness of the LED display than the other two samples to be high, but the narrow band characteristics of its weighted integral after the retinal hazard index No more than plasma TV and LCD TV, three different display retinal photobiological safety measurement data no significant difference, three samples, LED display measurement results even better than the other two kinds of display.
    Researchers said that it should be noted that any display long-term viewing of the human eye are likely to cause permanent damage, so no matter what form of display, the operating staff should pay attention to eye health, develop good eyes Habits, work and rest, consciously, take the initiative to protect the vision.
    In fact, as early as the LED and other forms of light in the early stages of the gradual layout of the city, there are a lot of people to investigate light pollution problems, but also the news media pointed out that the issue of light pollution, published first of all to light pollution detection and definition of technology development, followed Promote the use of environmentally friendly light source, and then reasonable planning of the use of various sources of light the city's views, but after all, the pace of development is not stop and so on, and in some people's eyes, lighting, lighting, flood, crime prevention and other functions , Light pollution hazards are not people's attention.

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