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LED display industry ushered in a good time

Although the current LED display industry, although the fierce competition for the endless voice, but there is no doubt that, with the digital and product performance, LED display market will become increasingly prosperous. It is expected that the market value of large commercial display (LFD) will reach $ 14.93 billion by 2023 and 6.7% for the period from 2017 to 2023. At present, LED display is gradually taking the traditional commercial display devices, the field of explosive growth, to LED display the future growth of space, providing another possibility. And small distance led screen and other high-definition products, LED display will further promote the market to improve.
Integration does not stop the opportunity
Although in recent years, LED display industry to speed up the integration, but so far out of the limited number of enterprises, or even due to entry funds, technical requirements are not high, there are still in the integration of new enterprises during the emergence. And, with the upstream LED chip, LED packaging compared to the field, LED display industry concentration is not high. Even in recent years, the price of the fight when there have been, except for some "zombie" manufacturers, the majority of small and medium enterprises are still strong, we can see the end of the industry consolidation process, small and medium enterprises do not have to be disheartened.
In addition, although the industry has formed a number of large enterprises, but look at the industry as a whole, but failed to have brand awareness of transcendent enterprises appear. Survey shows that nearly half of the buyers that the brand, too many suppliers, I do not know how to choose; one-third of the manufacturers that users do not brand concept. In the case of low brand maturity, the small and medium enterprises is undoubtedly an opportunity - in the absence of public recognition of the brand, the customer needs to be more patiently understand the different brands, small and medium enterprises through publicity, service, quality and other aspects Efforts to get the customer's trust and choice, it will have more opportunities.
"Chi made" era of science and technology first
Recently, the Chinese-made topic has become hot again, and the difference is that today's Chinese manufacturing has been completely defined, high quality, innovation, quality and other words are used to describe the Chinese-made products, and even "manufacturing" slowly start To "intellectual" change. In line with the phenomenon is that China's LED screen enterprises are also overseas products, not only downstream applications side of the product, the upper reaches of the technical requirements of the chip and other areas, domestic enterprises have begun to gradually open up their positions.
This situation, for the LED screen enterprises, but why not a good time? With the Chinese manufacturing 2025, "along the way" and other policies introduced, LED screen enterprises to go out of the country more convenient, and China's manufacturing reputation in the world to enhance significantly, as well as China's LED display in the world's visibility, the enterprise to obtain market trust Great benefit. It is reported that in April China's LED display products export market size as high as 141 million US dollars, a record high monthly record, an increase of 29.5%. With the quality of China's LED display and word of mouth to enhance the domestic LED screen enterprises in overseas markets will get more room for development.
And, in this era of science and technology, small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises can still fight, is no longer the price, but technology. Large enterprises are well-funded, can temporarily cut profits and competition in the end, but the technology can be closer to the distance between large enterprises and small and medium enterprises. According to HC LED screen network combined HCR survey, 77.42% of the respondents worried about the quality of LED display when the problem is not good. This shows that the quality of the screen to become the most concerned about the end of the problem, therefore, in the LED display homogenization of today, small and medium enterprises do not even need too much effort to carry out research and development, but in product optimization, performance The direction to work hard, you can enhance the competitiveness of the market, access to greater market share.
The future market is broadly divided into areas of prosperity
Research institutions outdoor advertising report pointed out that the global outdoor advertising market shows the traditional static billboards and posters are digital signage system replacement trend. In addition, another Chinese media report also pointed out that China's total media spending in 2017 will grow by 7.8% to $ 581.39 billion, while outdoor advertising will increase by 8.1%. Combined with LED display high tolerance, suitable for outdoor features, no doubt in the field of outdoor display market share will be further enhanced.
LED display on the market demand point of view, a small gap between the strong growth momentum, no doubt to the industry has brought new hope. From the first quarter of the enterprise performance report, the majority of LED small spacing screen manufacturers focus on the performance of the performance, individual manufacturers of small-pitch product sales growth over five percent. And, with the rise in production and cost reduction, small-pitch display products also began to penetrate into the low-end areas from the high-end areas and large-screen field, which is bound to bring a new round of product upgrading, to further stimulate market demand.
In addition, the needs of the subdivision areas are gradually highlighted. LED transparent screen in the past two years has been successful with a sense of technology and fashion into the main show, the chorea market, the release of transparent display of the charm; LED profiled screen to break the conventional shape and custom mode to get the bar, choreography, etc. The field of favor; LED tiles, LED flexible screen, intelligent LED display, and combined with VR / AR, naked eye 3D LED display, and so more refined areas have begun to flourish, and will further develop the display needs.
Such a broad prospect, with the previous market did not vigorously develop, people do not have enough understanding of the LED display compared to no less. In the LED display industry, we should be fortunate - market education more fully, but not saturated, emerging areas is a huge potential, so that enterprises have sufficient space to develop the market blue ocean.
In fact, no matter how mature the industry, the opportunity is always there. As the Microsoft system dominates the global era, Apple can still rely on technology and innovation breakthrough, and even now far ahead of the market value. So, now in the LED display is still in the bureau of the moment, we have any reason to complain "when not with me"? The current challenge though, but also no lack of opportunities, the so-called chaos out of dignity, LED display industry in which enterprises will be able to achieve a career? We will wait and see.
In addition, the inland provinces and cities on the LED industry's strong support, but also greatly reduce the LED screen business pressure, help enterprises to increase research and development, production, promotion and other aspects of the cost of business development is not helpful ... ... all this Have shown that although it is the era of competition in the pack, but also the screen business day by day, to achieve the best development by leaps and bounds era.

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