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All in one solar street light

  • EL91025-15W
  • EL91025-15W
  • EL91025-15W
  • EL91025-15W
  • EL91025-15W
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Integrated solar street light 25W solar panel, 15W LED lamp

pole supplied separately

aluminium alloy construction

18V25W high efficiency polycrystalline solar panel

12.8V12AH Lithium ion battery as accumulator integrated in the lamp body

12V15W LEDs from Bridgelux, USA with 1500-1650 lm and colour temperature less than 6000K.

Aluminium alloy body, waterproof to IP65.

More than 20 hours of light at night after exposure in the sun for 8 hours.

Recommended mounting height: 4 - 5 m from ground level.

Working temperature: -30oC to +70oC.

With photo sensor on the lamp body.

Solar panel power 25W
Solar panel size (mm) 500x300
Battery type Lithion Ion
Battery capacity 12.8V12AH
Light source 15W white LEDs
Lumen (lm) 1500 - 1650
Colour temperature 5500 - 6000K
Construction material aluminium alloy
Charging time 8 hours
Lighting time 12 hours full power, 20 hours economy power
Product size (mm) 650x350x60
Color aluminium metal colour
Packing (cm) 75x45x15
Chargeable weight (kg) 8.2
Carton size (cm) 75x45x30
Quantity per carton 2 pcs
G.W. 18kg
N.W.  17.65
Chargeable weight (kg) 18kg
Working temperature -30oC to +70oC
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