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Led display how to budget costs and design

The following is a brief introduction to how to monitor the cost of the budget and design:
    1, must allow staff to understand the specific use of the screen body: such as the use of screen size, environment, content and other basic content;
    2, if I am in the company, then the process of answering the phone will help you analyze the screen body to determine whether the use of the screen environment is indoor or outdoor; according to the situation you provide about what kind of display, Determine the specifications and give the approximate price; depending on the length and height you have provided for the long and tall design and need your confirmation.
    Another situation: If I am not in the company, the calculator is not next to determine the specific size, to the price will be more vague, will return to the company and then confirm with you;
    According to the above to determine the content given the design: program which includes the screen size, area, the use of materials specifications and quantity, screen and control system pricing. copyright dedecms
    Finally, if the final contract we will give other reference in the design of their own reference: steel structure design according to the screen body environment, specifications, box size, etc. to design a reference for you; power supply system, we will according to the screen situation Given the exact power, in the distribution cabinet design according to the screen power and alignment given the recommendations;

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