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LED flexible screen market prospects?

With the LED display application market more and more mature, its segmentation products have become more and more, LED flexible screen is one of them. However, with the LED display segmentation products, LED stage rental screen, LED transparent screen, LED profiled screen and other products, have been welcomed by the market, LED flexible screen has become an exception - since the advent of semi-temperature is not fire, Obviously realized the form of the biggest breakthrough, or even better than the curved screen dazzling. What exactly is this for?
    Great potential, broad application prospects
    So to say, LED flexible screen is "tasteless" like the existence of it? of course not. On the contrary, its development potential is very impressive. With the promotion and prosperity of China's cultural undertakings, cultural activities such as the prevalence of activities, LED flexible screen application requirements will be greatly increased. In addition, the latest market report shows that by 2021 the global outdoor LED display scale will reach 15.7 billion US dollars, and the annual compound growth rate of 15.9%, which LED flexible screen applications more or less also help.
    The future display market will be more broad, and LED display and other dynamic display products will replace part of the static products, into the more common, more widely used in the field. Although the current LED flexible screen is difficult to fully adapt to the outdoors, but can also be placed in the glass, outward display, especially its soft, lightweight, easy to disassemble the characteristics of the user's professional requirements are lower, Times, repeated disassembly use. If the future can be used for car glass, window glass external display, or replace the fluorescent message board and other advertising products, for more subtle areas, the market is very impressive. In addition, the soft screen on the building of the high fit, compared to the traditional LED display is more conducive to multi-angle viewing, if the clarity can be improved, not a good job can not replace the heavy, disassembly of the traditional LED display. Prior to this, the technical solution and market awareness, promotion will be the major manufacturers to solve the problem.
    Although the current flexible LED screen is still not perfect, but we have reason to believe that with the technology, technology development and improvement, LED flexible screen technology issues will be overcome, and LED flexible screen market "Blue Ocean" will become very impressive The
    Technical bottlenecks, to be a new breakthrough
    So why the advantages of such a clear LED flexible screen, but can not get the market widely recognized, get more market share? This is not related to the technical problems that exist.
    At present, based on technical reasons LED flexible screen resolution is far less than the traditional LED display, so the display of the screen is also an abstract animation, rather than the traditional video or pictures, which makes the LED flexible screen still can not Into the advertising and other fields, but more for the bar, stage, clothing display and other aspects of the atmosphere adjustment. In addition, because the flexibility of the flexible LED screen is based on the flexibility of the PCB board material itself, so once the flexible screen bending, deformation than the degree of tolerance of the PCB, will lead to product damage, and the consequences of such damage is quite serious - the PCB components of the PCB will be damaged, maintenance will become extremely troublesome.
    LED flexible screen in the outdoor market is still at a disadvantage. In order to ensure flexibility, remove the solid shell of the LED flexible screen stability and protection is not high, for outdoor waterproof, dustproof, high temperature and other requirements, the LED flexible screen is difficult to fully meet; In addition, Mid-air, high stability requirements, the flexibility requirements are relatively low, the installation method is not possible for the magnet adsorption or paste such a low form of solid, so even the arc wall of the building, people also use the arc Shaped screen, rather than LED flexible screen.
However, the immediate obstacle to its development is the most important factor is the high cost of production, it is difficult to be widely used. In particular, some special-shaped flexible screen, the need for specialized customization, and different shapes need different specifications of the corresponding mold, but also to increase the cost of production geometric multiples, so too special shape, still few production applications.
    "Can flexion and extension", performance be richly endowed by nature
    In the past we are familiar with the LED display, and both are hard, it seems that the electronic display and the "soft" can not be mixed, but the emergence of flexible LED screen, but broke this awareness. And the traditional LED display with fiberglass materials such as hard PCB board to do different, flexible flexible screen using flexible FPC circuit board, and made of rubber material mask and the bottom shell, coupled with a special lock, link device and a series of specialized design , To ensure that the maximum degree of flexibility LED display to complete the other ordinary screen can not achieve the bending form.
    In addition, the traditional LED display with screws, frame fixed and other large installation method, and LED flexible screen installation method is as simple as a piece of paper on the wall like. As the weight is very light, LED flexible screen and more use of magnet adsorption, paste and other methods of installation, installation, disassembly process is simplified, so that customers can easily complete the installation work, greatly reducing the burden of use.
    This feature makes the face of some traditional LED display is difficult to fully fit the buildings, such as curved walls, cylindrical and other irregular special location, the use of LED flexible screen appears to ease. Often the LED display, if you want to install in the curved wall, there are generally three ways: the box will be made vertical vertical strip, stitching installation; the box made with the arc and then splicing; Unit, and the screen steel structure also need to make arc. These three methods are undoubtedly in the production, installation is very troublesome, and LED flexible screen compared to the more convenient. It is in view of the above characteristics, LED flexible screen is the most common application areas of this type of shape is more special places, such as shopping malls, bars, stage and so on.
    In addition to all of the above, LED flexible screen can be a single point of maintenance, seamless stitching, energy efficient and other advantages, and these are not available in the traditional LED display.

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