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Factory Description

Factory Description


Processing capacity:

Equipped with advanced machines and strong R & D capabilities, we have 17 years of rich experience in the production of

original equipment manufacturer / original design manufacturers of products for well-known brands. Our professionals and

advanced production equipment, according to the buyer's request, is capable of designing and manufacturing a wide range of

new projects.

Machinery and equipment:

We use the latest advanced equipment and tools eg. 3D printer.


In Hong Kong, and mainland China

Working procedures and practice:

In order to do research and development, we use latest research data, testing, rechecking and modifications. All technical

people are experienced and well-educated.

QC and QA:

Quality Department assigns sufficient qualified QC and QA at different point of production process for checking and advice on

quality and improvements of products and processes.

R & D and Designs:

Our designers are constantly seeking for new ideas in Hong Kong and overseas for innovative product. We can design

according to customer specifications; or we can perform in-house design in structural, electrical and electronic design,

engineering design evaluation and improvement.

Patents and Copyrights:

We have a lot of product patents in mainland China and Hong Kong SAR.

Market Research and Analysis:

We consider our customer feedback and requests, according to the market development trend of the development of the

new design.

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