BEAMS Technology limited


Mission Statement:

     We will sell products and services and provide high standard customer service in world markets. We will continue to

develop with commitment our chosen markets.


    We will offer our customers a wide range of high quality products and services. We will provide the most responsive

delivery, together with the best support and after-sales service.


    We will invest in the development of innovated distribution network, information flow, management processes and systems

in order to meet the future needs of our customers, and to ensure a dominant share in all chosen markets.


    We will pursue a policy of quality product and service to our customers.

Total Satisfaction:

    We will adopt the philosophy of total satisfaction for our customers. We will pursue continuous improvement such that the

processes systematically seeks to improve all aspects of the business towards achieving total customer satisfaction.


    We will provide rewarding work for all our people. We will encourage the contribution of all our employees in decision


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