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Multi-functional solar wall light

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BEAM Solar Motion Sensor Wall Light

12 x 0.5W white LEDs: 2 pcs LED continuous light

10 pcs LEDs light by PIR sensor

Aluminium Alloy top cover, white ABS plastic housing and PC lampshade

Solar powered by monocrystal / polycrystal solar panel

Solar power converted to electrical power during the day and stored in 1 Li Ion Battery 1800MAH rechargeable battery

2 pcs 0.5W white LED automatically turn on at  night continuously and turn off during the day; another 10 pcs each 0.5W

white LEDs are activated by PIR motion sensor for 30 seconds duration

minimum view distance : over 300 m

Brightness : when there is no one, 2 piece 0.5W white LEDs continuous light; when there is someone within 2 - 5m distance,

10 pcs each 0.5W white LEDs light up; so total 6W white LEDs brightness in full brightness about 660lm, colour temperature


6 - 8 hours or more of light at night continuous lighting after 10 hours in the sun

2 screw holes for mounting on wall

Mounted on wall, post, staircase, pathway

Waterproof to IP44, robust and rigid                                                                                                                   

There is a 3 position switch for different mode of operation: off mode; continuous on; continuous on + PIR sensor activated


Solar panel size (mm) 146x45
Battery type Li Ion
Battery capacity 1 pc 1800mAH
Light source 12 pcs each 0.5W white LEDs 6000K
Construction material Aluminium Alloy, ABS and PC
Charging time 10 hours
Lighting time 6 hours above
Product size 180 x 81 x 61.5mm
Product color aluminium powder coated
Packing (cm) 22 x 10 x 8
Chargeable weight (kg) 0.35
Carton size (cm) 67.5 x 31.5 x 33.5
Quantity per carton 36 pcs
G.W. 12.5 kg
 N.W. 7.6 kg
Chargeable weight (kg) 14.2
20' ctr quantity 14148 pcs / 393 ctns
40' ctr quantity 29304 pcs / 814 ctns
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