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Indoor LED display how to choose?

LED display in the indoor application is very wide, mainly for video advertising, conference display, stage effects, then the indoor LED display how to choose it? Usually the activities of the meeting, the screen to watch the distance closer, commonly used models are P3, P4 and P5, P6, there are some use of P2.5 and P7.62 and P8. On the other hand is the price and the comprehensive view of the distance determined by the environment.
As for the specific activities of the conference with led display size, must be determined in the customer size and model of the screen, before the initial draw.
Here are specific examples:
Such as customers in the joint custom made the P5 conference room screen, asked 4 meters long, 3 meters high, the choice of module size 256mm * 128mm, then the specific size specifications are as follows:
Long need the number of modules :: 4 / 0.256 = 15.625, take the integer 16 (of course, optional 15)
High number of modules required: 3 / 0.128 = 23.4375, take the number of 23 (of course, optional 24)
Actual length: 16 * 0.256 = 4.096 meters
Actual high: 23 * 0.128 = 2.944 meters
Indoor full color screen applications are more stage, wedding and event areas of the meeting. For the meeting, the big screen shows the intuitive feel and the effect is other traditional projection and so unmatched. In addition to models, prices, for the event meeting with led display size specifications, should be interested in the intention of friends more concerned about the problem.
As the industry inside the product model and standard similar, here to Kang Shuo exhibition LED screen specifications, sorted out:
P2.5 indoor small spacing screen, module size 160mm * 80mm
P3 indoor screen, module size 192mm * 96mm
P4 indoor screen, the module size is 256mm * 128mm and 128mm * 128mm
P5 indoor screen, the module size 320mm * 160mm and 160mm * 160mm
P6 indoor screen, module size 384mm * 192mm, 192mm * 192mm, 192mm * 96mm
P7.62 indoor screen, the module size is 244mm * 244mm and 244mm * 122mm
P8 indoor screen, the module size is 256mm * 128mm

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