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Project Engineering

Project Engineering Services are responsible by our BEAM NEW ENERGY LIMITED. BEAM NEW ENERGY LIMITED

possesses a team of professionals, organized by experienced Chartered Engineers and yearly experienced

technologists and provide the following Professional Engineering Services:

Design, Supply, Install Standalone Solar Power System, Grid-connected Solar Power System, Solar, Wind and Grid Hybrid

Power Supply System.

We can supply the following at competitive prices:

1. Monocrystal solar panels, polycrystal solar panels, thin film solar panels

2. BIPV thin film solar PV glass, semi-transparent thin film solar PV glass

3. Smart solar controller, inverter, all in one smart solar controller and inverter

4. Vertical Wind Turbines

5. Rechargeable batteries for solar power storage

6. Solar cable and other accessories

We can offer at competitive prices one stop professional design and engineering, data logging, technical analysis, financial

analysis, return period and etc. analysis report. We can make proposal to make optimal system which is installed by our

professional engineering team. The system is fully complied with grid utility electricity regulations and requirements. Customers

are not required to waste a lot of time to get involved. We can do the right job. Please call us or send e-mail to us for inquiry.

Inquiry is free of charge.

We can design and install any system whatever small or big. We can bit tender, prepare tender documents and make

proposal. We would like to accept sub-contracting works. We welcome customers to contact us for co-operation.

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